Benefit Briefs

Due to a number of requests from clients and friends of the firm, starting in December 2016, we committed ourselves to publish our Benefit Briefs! newsletter at least bi-monthly with a goal of monthly publication.  We had published it periodically before then, after we had accumulated a number of employee articles that the majority of readers felt were very useful and helpful in managing their employee benefit programs.  Many also felt that our newsletter contained an overwhelming amount of information and they preferred smaller parcels of information that could be absorbed and process more quickly.   Below are the Benefit Briefs! that we have recently published. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these issues further.


2/22/15 – February-Heart Month-Workers Comp – This issue of Benefit Briefs! is packed with a host of employee benefit topics and is designed for a “rapid read” with links to articles that you can research further.


12/21/14 – Year End – What Did You Overlook – See Checklist – Industry leaders interviews; Affordable Care Act updates; Projected cost trends; Medicare & Medicaid; Wellness; Bushnell & Company News – top 10 firm in Austin Business Journal, new website, professional accomplishments; Year End Checklist.


11/2/13 – ACA, Grandfathered Plans, Obama Lies, H.I. Exchanges – This month’s newsletter covers a potpourri of topics related to the employee benefits field rather that focus on a singular topic. We have done the research for you, to separate the facts from the fiction that has been surrounding items in the news lately.


11/27/12 – Election Impact – Health Care Reform – The election is over and many employers have been wondering what this means for their employee benefit plans.